Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Materialism in America

A couple months back I was sitting with my grandmother and mom at McDonald's and this adorable child walks in. She's excited to be there with her family and smiling whimsically. So I go back to the conversation with my family when all of a sudden I hear an eruption of tears from the child. She's standing there with this huge ice cream cone, the kind that seemed to glisten when I was a child - crying? Then she blubbers, "There's no sprinkles!" The child has got this huge ice cream cone that is completely delicious by itself but she sees a McFlurry and becomes jealous.

After I told this story to my mother she said, "It kind of reminds you of America doesn't it."
That's Life.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Drivers License

That's Life

I found it funny that everyone kept telling me this while driving.  It's amazing that so many people break the laws of the road and get off by saying "Oh I was late for work" or "I just wasn't reading the signs"!  When you learn all this and actually get tested on it on the road.  My parents say, "Oh it's just they're way of driving."  I say screw that!  That's just laziness in my opinion.  When you're crowded by people on every side of the road a little common courtesy is needed.  You don't run past a walking person on the sidewalk and flip them off because they're going slow!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What's for Breakfast?

That's Life.

I'm on a diet and trying to get into shape so everyone who diets knows you're not supposed to eat banana cream pie for breakfast.  But if it's going to go bad soon so what're you supposed to do?  Just waist it!  I don't think so!  I think you would call this a happy accident (or something similar).

Friday, July 31, 2009

Animaniacs Sketches

The practice sketches I do before actually drawing a new comic page.
(Click to see bigger)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

practice sketches

Some practice sketches, trying to fill up a couple sketch books before school starts.

Stitch after watching Lilo & Stitch.
More Stitch and my parrot sleeping.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Animation Homework

This is how I look watching the cartoons for Animation History. They're so intense.

List of toons:
La Lina by Oswaldo Cavandoll
Anna & Bella by Borge Ring
Snow Queen by Atamanov, Vinokurov, and Shvartzman.
Labyrinth by Manfredo Manfredi
The Cat Came Back by Cordell Barker
The Man who Planted Trees by Frédéric Back
Gerald McBoing Boing by Robert Cannon
Little Match Girl by Manny Gould and Ben Harrison
Mickey Mouse by Ub Iwerks

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Keanu Reeves Dream

I don't know why this was so funny but I woke up giggling. I think it has to do with Bill and Ted's most Excellent Adventure, I don't know if you'll get this if you haven't seen it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I had a vivid dream

Ja’nelle and I were in a workers camp of some sort. It was night and we were in this old cabin that had about 50 filled beds in it. Mostly filled with black men and women but there seemed to be a few white men and one other white woman. It was in the middle of a sugar cane field oddly enough in California.
One night Ja’nelle had gotten into an argument with one of the other black men, suddenly a whole group of these black guys from the room gang up on her. Another woman got up and helped her out, they both fought heroically but it seemed they were more pushed around then anything.
I lay in my bed too frightened to say anything but since they stopped going after Ja’nelle one of them wacked me on my shoulder with a branch plucked from a tree. “Wake up!” He yelled maddeningly at me.
“Please don’t do this,” I pleaded.
“Why shouldn’t I?” The tall lanky black man looked confused.
“I have done nothing to anyone and you need not do anything to me, show me mercy.” I trembled and acted as weak and feminine as humanly possible. The group all looked at each other but it was the man that I was pleading to that decided to leave me alone.

Ja’nelle came over to me and was going to say something about what had just happened but I shushed her.
“In the morning,” I whispered, “We need to escape, word of this is going to get out to the big man. And then they’ll do something worse to us. But tonight we’ll get a good rest and tomorrow morning, we’ll make a run for it.” She nodded and got into her bed across mine and tried to go to sleep. The big man was a small fat white man who led this place and when he hears that somebody starts a fight. He did things to them to be made an example of. I didn’t want anything to happen to Ja’nelle or me. Especially since I knew what a pig the big man was and what he might do to a couple of women. But I still was able to fall asleep soundly.

The next morning my eyes shot open when I heard the door to the cabin open. Peaking up from under the covers I could see the Big Man walk into the cabin. He looked around until some of the guys from the group the other night went up to tell him what happened. Terror was building in my heart but I felt someone pull on my sleeve. Looking around I saw Ja’nelle, she was about to say something but I covered her mouth with my hand and motioned to the other side of the cabin. She nodded and I slid out of bed. There was a wall in the middle of the cabin, not a stable wall there were too many window space cut into it and they decided to put it there instead of getting rid of it. Ja’nelle and I crawled through one of the window spaces on the ground and stood up on the other side. Some people were up and looked up to see us but I put my pointy finger to my lips to quiet them.
Then we snuck out a back window. A couple more women decided to escape with us and soon we were out running in the field. But behind us I could hear, “There they go!” It was a chase for our lives, I could hear the heavy grunting of the men running through the fields trying to find us. The number of men began to subside as some of them began to give up but I could still hear one. And the girls and I kept on running till we hit a wide river that was rushing by too strongly. As we tried to decide what to do a tall white man tanned from his labor immerged from the cane. He didn’t have any malice in his eyes, only that he was sent to grab us. That wasn’t going to happen however because I grabbed Ja’nelle’s hand as we jumped into the raging water. We held each other tight as the water thrust us farther down stream. But soon the waters calmed and we were able to look above the water. We were next to a city, I don’t know which one but it had buildings resting on the waters edge.
Somehow the women and I had been turned into mice, three black mice, a white mouse, and a tanned one. We swam quickly to a water pipe on the outside of a building. The girls got up on the pipe themselves but I had to help the tanned mouse onto the pipe. Then we scurried across the pipes to a crack in the building which led into it’s basement where we were transformed back into humans.
(I don’t know why we were mice in my dream but I’m sure it had some symbolism in the way were running from the Big Man.)

We were all about to run when the white man grabbed a hold on the cuff of my shirt from the back.
“Where do you think your going?” He said.
“Running away, we’re free now and so are you. Run away like us, you don’t want to spend your life back at that workers camp do you?” I said whole-heartedly. After looking around at us a couple more times he nodded and began run with us. The basement led to an open bar that was filled with singing men and women too drunken to notice us sneaking out of the basement. Running outside the man ran in a separate direction from us and we kept running until the two women that came with us ran into some friends. They were so happy that they cried into their friend’s arms. After some conversation I told them.
“We can’t stop now, the men from the camp would still be looking for us.” The two women decided to depart with their friends but they gave us enough money to take a bus to San Francisco.
Once we got there we ran to Alexis’ apartment for shelter. It felt so good to be back in a town where everything was familiar. We knocked heavily on Alexis’ apartment door until she opened it. Her jaw dropped as she got a big hug from Ja’nelle, I stayed behind to check outside and close the door. I got a huge embrace from her as well.

The story on how we got there was being told to Alexis and her boyfriend. Ja’nelle started to get comfortable on the couch like she was going to fall asleep but I sat next to her. “We have to go,” I stated.
“Go! We just got here.” Ja’nelle whined. I knew she was tired but I didn’t trust being in a big city. Anyone could have seen us get here.
“We’re going to Napa.” I explained to the group, “Jessie lives out there and I believe it would be safer.” All of them looked at me with eyes that didn’t want us to go but understood why we had to. I let Ja’nelle at least get a good meal in her before asking Alexis if she could give us fair for BART. And if she could call Jessie and tell her that we’d be waiting for her outside the BART station closest to Napa. Alexis agreed and soon we were on our way to the station. We got on quickly and Ja’nelle began to doze on my shoulder. I had to stay awake to watch for the stops but the view from BART was beautiful and I felt safe knowing that we would be with Jessie and her mother soon.
I hear something outside of my room and woke up after this part and decided it was a good spot to wake up on. It was my dad in the living room working on his computer so I decided to sit down with my computer and write out this vivid dream I had.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

One fine rainy day . . .

Pip, Squeak, and Fluff were sitting cozily in their mothers nest. She had gone to fetch them some food. The three brothers never attempted to wonder what lied beyond their nest. They had all the company they needed as one would preen the other. Spending all their days barely keeping their eyes open.

As you know baby birds must leave the nest eventually. Pip, Squeak, and Fluff's mother knew this too. So on this particularly rainy day their mother returned to them and fed them. "Now my sons," She cooed, "You must leave the nest today."

The three brothers looked at each other, not knowing quite what to say.

"You may visit often but you really must leave the nest." Their mother cooed once again as she pushed them near the edge of the nest.

Pip was the first to ready himself, secretly he had always wished to venture off from his brothers. Squeak looked down wearily, he liked being the center of attention and didn't wish to leave his mothers warm breast. Fluff knew this couldn't be good, he was always stuck with looking after his brothers. He couldn't just leave them be, who knew what trouble they would get into.

Before they could think any longer on the subject their mother nudged them off the nest. Pip was the quickest to fly, Fluff the next and Squeak the last. Trying to learn how to fly on a rainy day turned out to be a herculean task. So the three of them found a near by railing on the porch of my house to nestle on. It was my pleasure to watch these three nestlings enjoying the sturdiness of my families new wood railing. They didn't stay long however after discovering that I was watching them.

Dedicated to my Dad,
Who noticed the three little birds.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Star Trek

Me and my sister were swooning the whole film. Which was odd because it used to be Kirk that we went crazy for in the old Star Trek episodes but this new Spock is adorable. Maybe it's because he has a more boyish face. More emotion . . . gosh he's so good looking!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have the Sweeney Todd soundtrack and every time I hear the song "My Friends", I think 'dude chill out'.  Cause he's so dark throughout his life, there have been many other great figures in literature that have a dark past but come out of it.  They become doctors or detectives, great things, sometimes I think Tim Burton gets a little too dramatic.  Most of the time I'm up for that but when I'm feeling really tired the little voice in my head goes, ' my my my, it's always about you isn't it'.  It's not like I don't get dark either.  For example in the bus today I was thinking that getting shot in the back is probably the most dramatic way to die, especially if they're running towards someone and that person sees their face.  My friend says I analyze everything too much, I told her about the Sweeney thing and she said I'd analyze Batman if I could.  He's another one who's always dark and depressing, how long have his parents been dead now!  Twenty to thirty years and he still dwells, Bruce could be a happy guy.  Be nicer to the Robins but no, he'd rather brood. And dwell in the past, I'm telling you a psychiatrist would have a field day with these guys.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

delightful piffle blogs

So I was drawing out of boredom the other day, like you do. Till someone tapped my shoulder and said, "Hey, that's pretty good.  You should blog that."  Therefor starting the delightful piffle blogging.
Actually I was sketching these because of a Laurin:   She was finishing up some animation and I didn't want to walk home by myself at 11:00 at night.  Never know what crazy bum you might run into, we joked about throwing our animation cases at them if they tried to mug us.
Point is, I was really tired.  Only getting four hours of sleep the night before.  For some reason the weather decided to get insanely hot over a couple of days.
 It was making me and all the girls in the dorm go crazy.  No one likes to go to sleep in a pool of their own sweat.  Thank the gods that it has returned to its normal 50 degrees.  People at home in Hawaii are probably going to tell me that I've gone soft.  Well maybe so, but you try living in a cold environment for so long and then it suddenly switches to 80 degrees!  You'll freak out too.

Earlier this morning I was taking notes in my animation class and I started to doodle.  Jason, a friend of mine asked about the whip cream comment.  The Starbucks that I go to is on Powell, a very busy spot.  So they always seem to get the orders wrong.  Well this time they forgot my whip cream!  Which is highly inexcusable!  Without the whip there isn't that creamy caramely taste.  But I was already late for class so I didn't argue. Jason thought it was funny about how I was ranting 
about whip cream and asked if I was one of those people who eat the cream straight from the bottle.  Answer is, YES! 
I absolutely adore having whip cream straight from the can.  It was something I used to do as a little girl . . . even if my parents did get mad at me.  Jason told me a story about how I guy almost died from having whip straight from the bottle.  I told him that's only if you inhale the weird oxygen it has inside of it.  Then he said he got an image of me laying on the floor with a bottle of whip cream next to me.  Death by whip cream!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Yeah, I have a friend that has a blogspot and I know a few PIXAR artists that blog here.  Though I already have several other blog sites.  Oh well.  It's going to be fun working on a new site.  Here's a picture I drew of myself :3