Friday, August 21, 2009

Drivers License

That's Life

I found it funny that everyone kept telling me this while driving.  It's amazing that so many people break the laws of the road and get off by saying "Oh I was late for work" or "I just wasn't reading the signs"!  When you learn all this and actually get tested on it on the road.  My parents say, "Oh it's just they're way of driving."  I say screw that!  That's just laziness in my opinion.  When you're crowded by people on every side of the road a little common courtesy is needed.  You don't run past a walking person on the sidewalk and flip them off because they're going slow!


  1. hahaha, I love that last frame in your comic! Did you just get your license? I still haven't gotten mine... but Vegas drivers are scary!

  2. Yeah, I wouldn't want to try driving in Vegas :(

  3. Hi, Kendall:

    Thanks for following my Constable Crab blog.

    You have a lot of artistic talent and will go far in that field if you persist I think.

    Driving a car is not much fun in any state, but as you know it is necessary for most work in California at this time--don't expect cordiality when you're driving on the freeways or even in your own neighborhood!

  4. Next time someone does something rude to you when you are driving correctly remember that it is easy to teach a monkey to drive but it is impossible to teach a monkey NOT to be a monkey.