Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cup O' Doodle Scribble

Cup O' Doodle, doodle :D


Master Animation Copy

After graduating from animation college I realize that I haven't been animating on my own at all. I draw a lot and I mean A LOT, that's all I do, why? Because I haven't had a goal in mind, something to work toward. When I graduated with my 2D animation degree they told me that I needed to animate a lot more, that I wasn't as good as I was supposed to be, this angered me because I had about five animation classes out of the 30 drawing classes. So of course I'm going to be really good at drawing and only so-so at animation.

This is where the brilliant idea comes in: When you're an illustrator and you're not as good as the greats what do you do? An Illustration or Painting Master Copy! It is a tradition that goes back centuries. And I'm going to convert it to 2D animation.

Choose a sequence animated by a master animator.
Find the keys and breakdowns, plan it out like the master animator would.
Then animate using the original master animators sequence as a guide, while learning the 12  principles of animation as a result.

I'm going to change the character, not too different from the original so that there won't be added animation but just enough so that I'll be focussing more on how it works rather than copying.

So here we go~

Master Animation Copy
Weekly Challenge: Start Monday - Due Sunday

I'll have to hurry a little since I'm starting this on a wednesday.