Wednesday, April 22, 2009

delightful piffle blogs

So I was drawing out of boredom the other day, like you do. Till someone tapped my shoulder and said, "Hey, that's pretty good.  You should blog that."  Therefor starting the delightful piffle blogging.
Actually I was sketching these because of a Laurin:   She was finishing up some animation and I didn't want to walk home by myself at 11:00 at night.  Never know what crazy bum you might run into, we joked about throwing our animation cases at them if they tried to mug us.
Point is, I was really tired.  Only getting four hours of sleep the night before.  For some reason the weather decided to get insanely hot over a couple of days.
 It was making me and all the girls in the dorm go crazy.  No one likes to go to sleep in a pool of their own sweat.  Thank the gods that it has returned to its normal 50 degrees.  People at home in Hawaii are probably going to tell me that I've gone soft.  Well maybe so, but you try living in a cold environment for so long and then it suddenly switches to 80 degrees!  You'll freak out too.

Earlier this morning I was taking notes in my animation class and I started to doodle.  Jason, a friend of mine asked about the whip cream comment.  The Starbucks that I go to is on Powell, a very busy spot.  So they always seem to get the orders wrong.  Well this time they forgot my whip cream!  Which is highly inexcusable!  Without the whip there isn't that creamy caramely taste.  But I was already late for class so I didn't argue. Jason thought it was funny about how I was ranting 
about whip cream and asked if I was one of those people who eat the cream straight from the bottle.  Answer is, YES! 
I absolutely adore having whip cream straight from the can.  It was something I used to do as a little girl . . . even if my parents did get mad at me.  Jason told me a story about how I guy almost died from having whip straight from the bottle.  I told him that's only if you inhale the weird oxygen it has inside of it.  Then he said he got an image of me laying on the floor with a bottle of whip cream next to me.  Death by whip cream!


  1. waiting for me in the animation lab, hahaha! good times eh

  2. Lol!! Love the new additions! And no i havent met with ed yet but hopefully friday morning i will. Breakfast first! :)

  3. PS: now that i'm on my laptop to view these, I realize that I can't click on the images to view larger versions... did you set it to be this way?