Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have the Sweeney Todd soundtrack and every time I hear the song "My Friends", I think 'dude chill out'.  Cause he's so dark throughout his life, there have been many other great figures in literature that have a dark past but come out of it.  They become doctors or detectives, great things, sometimes I think Tim Burton gets a little too dramatic.  Most of the time I'm up for that but when I'm feeling really tired the little voice in my head goes, ' my my my, it's always about you isn't it'.  It's not like I don't get dark either.  For example in the bus today I was thinking that getting shot in the back is probably the most dramatic way to die, especially if they're running towards someone and that person sees their face.  My friend says I analyze everything too much, I told her about the Sweeney thing and she said I'd analyze Batman if I could.  He's another one who's always dark and depressing, how long have his parents been dead now!  Twenty to thirty years and he still dwells, Bruce could be a happy guy.  Be nicer to the Robins but no, he'd rather brood. And dwell in the past, I'm telling you a psychiatrist would have a field day with these guys.

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