Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bill the Accountant

It's super Bill the Accountant! 
I don't know, coming up with superhero names was never my forte'. If I did name 
him something it would probably be a one word thing like "The Shadow" or "The Mask" 
but since both those are taken this will have to do for now. This was supposed to just be 
a warm up for CHOW but the warm up turned into four hours so decided to sort of finish it. 
There are a few things I need to fix still but it works for now. The guys at CTN told me I needed to slow down anyway and just take in the process . . . I had to keep reminding myself to do that while working on this XD 
Kind of has a Bruce Timm feeling 
but what do ya' want I kind of 
grew up on his toons.

- Kendall

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