Wednesday, September 15, 2010

There are men outside my window . . .

So I wake up to the loud clanking and hammering of the construction workers working on my building. At first it irritated the hell out of me but after getting my cup of tea and setting up shop next to my window I started to listen to their conversations:

~What the hell are you doing man?
~I'm holding the beam
~Not with a weak ass grip like that!
~Will you stop . . . swear it's been complain complain complain all morning
~I don't know whats wrong with me man
~ . . . (Working)
~You're just really bugging me
~. . . (Still working)
~Maybe it's hate the white boy day
~. . . You know my girlfriend says this is dangerous for me (Walking on scaffolding)
~Oh so now we're talking about you!?

It's hilarious what these big burly men talk about while you're trying to wake up.

~Hey Bill . . . BILL!
~How many do we need?
~(muffled by traffic noise)
~yap yap yap
~Are you talking about the scaffolding or the tools man?

I swear these guys need walky talkies or something. . . I think the one called Johnny is the one with the girlfriend, he has a sweet voice and figures his name would be Johnny.

Just another San Francisco city morning

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